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Over the last few years in the Czech Republic there is a continuous increase in production volume of wire products for furnishing stores, for producers of cooling and air conditioning equipment, suppliers of automobile industry components, garden furniture etc. and along with this there is a growing demand for surface finish of these components. The method for surface finish today, with regards to the growing customer requirements, is more and more frequently becoming the application of powder paints or special industrial plastics in a fluid bed. This method due to its character brings increased quality of surface protection especially in tough applications (refrigerators, automobile components).

MCV Plast spol. s r.o. has therefore launched the automated line of fluid application of industrial plastics (polyamide, polyethylene, PPA) for the needs of wire products manufacturers with application in air conditioning and food industry, automotive industry or healthcare.

There are no performance wise or qualitatively comparable production technologies in the Czech Republic today.

Under the professional management of the new owners it offers complex customer services in the surface conditioning field:

  • Design
  • Consultancy
  • implementation and realisation of desired surfaces

The new customer service is conveniently located and is readily accessible (EXIT 56 on the D1).

Trained employees tend customer at a high expert level with and maximum care. Services are provided at a high quality and in accordance with current standards in CZ and EU with the best available techniques. Everything is subordinate to the company’s objective, this being the top customer satisfaction with provided services.

The main company motto and a precondition to long term stability is especially the emphasis on reliability, quality and punctuality of order fulfillment.